Third Party Fundraising

Third Party Fundraising Events


Thank you for your interest in raising funds to support the Socrates Educational Foundation (SEF). Each year we help children who need financial assistance in order to continue being enrolled in the Socrates-Demosthenes School (École Socrates-Démosthène). Funds are limited and financial requests have been increasing significantly year after year. Fortunately the Foundation, with your help, is able to make these requests a reality.

Below we have outlined some guidelines to help make your fundraising experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Special events are the responsibility of the third party but we are available for questions and guidance.

Please contact Christos Kritsidimas at 514-558-1599 if you have any questions about hosting a third party event.



  • Please fill out a Third Party Fundraising Event Proposal and submit to the: Socrates Educational Foundation, 32 Creswell street, D.D.O. (Quebec), H9B 1W7;
  • Form a committee to help you plan your event;
  • Plan well ahead to give yourself time to reach your goals;
  • Be sure you have chosen the right event for your audience and the time availability of your group;
  • Set your budget. If you are doing a large event with many attendees you may need to open a bank account;
  • Schedule the event;
  • Promote your event – in certain cases The Foundation may be able to help with this;
  • Collect the funds – we ask that all funds be forwarded to The Foundation within 90 days of your event. Please allow four weeks from that date for tax receipts to be issued (see information regarding receipting, some proceeds from your event are non-receiptable);
  • Thank you, thank you – please acknowledge everyone who participated in or supported your event and let them know how much you appreciate their help. They would also be proud to hear how much money was raised.


The SEF is thrilled that you have chosen to fundraise and we are excited to be able to help you in planning your event. Your time and effort will ultimately benefit the advancement of trilingual education and you are an important part of our fundraising team.

The SEF  can provide the following assistance once your event has been approved:

  • Event listing on our website
  • Additional promotion of event by The Foundation will be discussed on a per event basis
  • As appropriate, a SEF representative may be available to attend your event
  • Issue tax receipts as applicable – please see our tax receipting guidelines
  • Approval of the Socrates Educational Foundation name/logo on promotional materials
  • Letter of support validating the authenticity of the event for one year

The SEF is unable to provide the following:

  • Funding or reimbursement for event expenses
  • Mail/e-mail lists such as donor lists and/or supporter lists
  • Guaranteed attendance of staff or volunteers at your event
  • Application for gaming licenses – e.g. raffles, lotteries
  • Prizes, auction items, awards


  • Names and logos are registered trademarks; all materials using them must have Foundation approval
  • Money raised must be received within 90 days of the event
  • Tax receipt information must be received within 90 days of the event (please see tax receipting guidelines for more information). The volunteer host agrees to adhere to all receipting policies.
  • The Host is responsible for all permits, licenses and insurance
  • The Host and Foundation agree to all terms outlined in the signed event contract


  • All financial donations made to the SEF over $20.00 will automatically receive a tax receipt in the calendar year they are received. Donations of less than this amount are entitled to a receipt only if requested. While we request event proceeds be forwarded to the Foundation within 90 days of the event, the Foundation must receive all gifts by December 15th to receive a tax receive for the given year.
  • Tax receipts can be issued only to individuals and organizations that make a donation without receiving a product or tangible item in return. This means that tax receipts cannot be issued for the purchase of raffle tickets, lottery tickets, event admission, green fees or any auction purchases.
  • Tax receipts are not possible for sponsorships or the cost of a donated service (e.g. website creation, event set-up). Letters of acknowledgement can be issued.
  • Gift-in-kind items must be new, un-opened and accompanied by a receipt stating the value in order to qualify for a tax receipt. Gifts of artwork, wine or collectibles must be accompanied by a recent independent appraisal, regardless of value. The Canada Revenue Agency imposes strict rules for Gifts-in-kind. Feel free to contact us for more information.

SEF Third Party Event Proposal
SEF Third Party Event Guidelines-Policies

If you have an idea for an event to help raise funds for the Socrates Educational Foundation we would like to hear from you. For more information, contact:

Christos Kritsidimas

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